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Chemical Safety Tips

Whether you are handling cleaning products with chemicals at home or working with chemicals in a school chemistry lab, being aware of chemical safety tips helps to keep you safe from possible danger.

Ways to Stay Safe Around Chemicals

Regardless of where you work with chemicals or products containing chemicals, it is important to remember that these types of products have the potential of being extremely harmful and dangerous if they are used incorrectly, or incorrectly mixed with one another. Being aware of the following safety tips regarding chemicals, and products containing chemicals, will help protect you from a possible accident and injury.

Keep the telephone number of the Poison Control Center near every telephone.

General Safety Tips for Chemicals

  • Never combine any products that contain ammonia and chlorine bleach. When these common household substances are combined, they form a gas that is highly toxic and can result in serious breathing difficulties or death.
  • Always take the time to read the warning label on any chemical product you use. The label provides safe guidelines for using that specific product. In addition to the information on safe usage, the label also generally provides information on safe storage and gives instructions on how to protect yourself properly when using the product such as the need for protective gloves, eyewear or ventilation. The label also includes the contact information for the manufacturer of the product.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s safety recommendations when using any chemicals, products that contain them or any other substances that are hazardous.

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